About Us

Some people may believe that gardening is a dying art in our world of concrete and steel, but we can hardly disagree more. A growing number of people try to improve their London property by creating a small green haven from the hassle and tussle of the big city. We always welcome them with this offer – you bring the idea and the positive energy, and we will meet you halfway with our skills and knowledge. In most cases, the result is satisfactory for both parties.

Why Is Gardening More Relevant Than Ever?

I have been in the gardening and tree doctoring business for over twenty years, and I cannot remember a time when these services had been in higher demand. When people ask me why, I go back a few years, when more and more young people got disillusioned with the behemoth that is London. Do not get me wrong – the city offers greater possibilities than any other place in the UK, but it also sucks the life out of you if you stay too long. I have seen professionals in their early thirties who look like zombies, and the only thing they talk about is early retirement and buying a small house in the countryside. 

However, if you cannot yet go to the countryside, the countryside can come to you (or at least a little slice of it). But for that, you need a team of gardeners and landscapers – this is when we get into the picture. 

These people will not change their lifestyle. They will not all of a sudden grab a spade or cutting scissors and start trimming the hedge. These yuppies want the comfort of a lovely garden without the hard work – which is perfectly fine by me. 

Our Mission

You will be surprised how often these days, I get to talk with a customer who walks into my office, and we start discussing their landscaping project. Within ten minutes, we are elbow deep in drawings and catalogues for tiles, canopy designs or exotic flowers. My team and I realise we cannot disappoint such a customer. We have their dream garden within our grasp, and it is up to us to turn it into reality. You can hardly imagine the feeling of turning a shabby speck of urban space into an oasis of lavish greenery – from the ground levelling to the planting of the last row of orchids. If you need any other motivation to go to work every day, you can hardly call yourself a gardener!

Penny Sutton, founder and CEO of Bridesmaid’s Flower