Top-rated London Tree Surgeons And Landscapers

We Can Turn Your Garden Into An Oasis Of Comfort

Do you have a vision for your garden that you can never quite achieve? Is the constant struggle with weeds and bugs taking away the pleasure of gardening? What you need is a helping hand that can keep your green space of comfort and peace in top shape – and improve it, should you wish so!

Bridesmaid’s Flower is a London-based gardening, landscaping and tree doctoring contractor that has quickly taken the industry by storm. Our friendly and hassle-free approach has won us a growing number of customers who delegate all tree, flower, and grass-related chores in their property (you can throw in some bushes and hedges too). Our mission is to protect and enhance every little piece of nature you can find in the concrete and steel jungle that is London – even a single tree or a few square feet of greenery are worth the effort!

If you want to find out more about our services, pricing or eco-friendly policies, send us an email through the Contact form, and we will respond ASAP!

What Services Do We Provide?

  • Regular gardening help
  • Landscaping projects in association with award-winning garden designers
  • Hedge pruning and maintenance
  • Tree doctoring services
  • Tree crown trimming
  • Emergency gardening and tree surgeon help – after-storm damage assessment and broken branches removal

What Makes Us The Best Gardening Choice In London?

  • A team of highly qualified gardeners, landscapers, arborists, and tree surgeons
  • Competitive prices
  • No hidden or recurrent fees – you only pay for what you get
  • All services available seven days per week throughout all seasons
  • Completely free consultations by phone
  • Strict quality control for every procedure
  • We do not work with hazardous herbicides
  • Minimal negative imprint on nature
  • A bullet-proof professional certification

How Do We Approach Every Job?

We start every task at its logical first step – the customer’s wishes. Therefore, our first goal is to find out how we can be of service and what you have in mind for your garden or the trees you want us to treat. While many London contractors charge exuberant fees for consultations, we always discuss the preliminary stages of the job for free – either via email or on the phone.

Scheduling an appointment with us is the easiest thing to do – since we work seven days per week (all holidays included), we will immediately fit you into our timetable. Bridesmaid’s Flower is particularly proud of its emergency gardening and tree surgeon option – we have helped countless homeowners in their hour of most urgent need. 

Last but not least – quality control. While we are perfectly confident in the skills and professionalism of our experts, we sustain one of the most rigorous operative oversight in the industry. Rest assured, if you trust us with a gardening job, we will do it to the best of our ability.

Professional Certification – Overview

Whenever we take a tree doctoring job, we make sure all our actions comply with the following UK regulations:

  • BS 3998:1989 – British Standard Recommendation for Tree Work
  • BS 5837:1991 – Trees in relation to construction
  • We have to check if a tree falls under the TPO (Tree Preservation Order). Do not worry, our experienced staff will take care of the necessary documentation and file the respective request to the local authorities.

Eco-responsible Gardening And Tree Doctoring

The very nature of our job is nature-friendly, and we never forget this simple fact. As a result, we try to be as eco-responsible as possible in our line of work. 

Whenever we can choose between manual and tool-driven labour, we prefer the latter (especially in gardening). It may require more effort, but we think it is well worth the hassle. Our tree surgeons try to limit the application of chainsaws and only use them for bigger branches or in emergency cases. 

The Bridesmaid’s Flower gardeners and arborists are not fans of herbicides or any other chemical-based solutions. If we need to remove weeds, we can do it by hand.

We are also cognisant that trees (especially the larger ones) are the natural habitat of a significant number of species – insects, birds, and mammals. We will avoid nest destruction at all costs and try to disturb the animal kingdom as little as possible.